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sugarmate release debut official CD titled 'Someday You Will Be Mine'. the sugarmate official website goes under major re-design to promote the new CD (and look better, too!). a live presentation of the new CD is being scheduled at the time, probably in late May, stay tuned for more info to be notified for every sugarmate-related event taking place.
the new promo-cd is at last finished (or at least it's quite presentable). efforts are held for it to be officially released. stay tuned, as there is going to be some presentation of it on the site, so keep checking back!
also, a live appearance at moni lazariston in 6th july is on the way. after a long time, an open-air live for sugarmate.
sugarmate have, at last, their own page on MySpace (www.myspace.cīm/sugarmate)
feel free to pay a visit and drop us a line there.
sadly, the garrett won't be able to make it, so it is going to be only sugarmate on the stage on the tonight show.
sugarmate announce the april 7th live gig at liogerma with fellow band the garrett.
things are going smoothly now: the new CD is on the final mixing stages, the support gig with Echo & The Bunnymen was a total success, the acoustic gig at Flou bar was quite different and there are some plans for a live show on april 7th at Liogerma bar together with a friendly band... and another one somewhere out of town... not sure yet, though.
we are also on the lookout for a new studio place, as the one that accomodated us for so many years has become, well, a little not friendly... we will, most probably, share one with fellow band Scab Level, hopefully before summer hits and things become somewhat lazy.
sugarmate supporting Echo & The Bunnymen on march 11th. a dream coming true!
this is not a secret: sugarmate will be playing a very different gig on sunday 19th march. stay tuned for more info... you'll be quite surprised!
shhh,this is a secret... on sunday 18th december, sugarmate will play live in the 'Residents' bar downtown. no entrance fee is required and it will all be scheduled as a happening. this is your chance to witness a different face of sugarmate. and it will all be for fun. to chase the ghosts of the past...
some wise man had a saying a long time ago: when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go - up. well, this is the case for the recent gig. on 3rd of november the live appearance was quite disastrous: many bad things happened in sequence and although control was eventually gained over them, the mood was all lost... i personally feel unhappy for not being able to set all people who came to see sugarmate on the right mood and fulfil (or even exceed) their expectations. there is a little bit of disappointment but that sad event just made us determined to succeed in the future. not in a general sense, but more on the approach and mood-setting of the attendant. our next live will be a hit - no doubt about that... stay tuned - you may be surprised! (johnny's personal thoughts)
this is a little late as an announcement, but jenny is unfortunately out of the band as of april 2005. for her own personal reasons she decided to step out. we'll miss you a lot jenny!
sugarmate will continue as a quartet for the time being, all keyboard playing falling on haris' back (although some tracks are re-arranged with no keyboards at all).
catch the new sugarmate line-up and sound live on thursday 3rd of november at xylourgeio - mylos.
recording sessions are for once more held a little back, but we are optimistic. estimated release late november.
'to return' was awarded 'track of the day 1.8.05' on, after a lot of excellent reviews and awards and a rapid rise on the alternative.pop chart from place 335 to place 31 in a couple of days!
recording sessions are going well, but are set a little back as late june was a very optimistic estimation as the release date. greek summer is a somewhat lazy period (and with a reason) for all and this has a direct impact on everyone's moods. however, the recording proccess is almost done and the mixing/mastering proccess will soon begin. we hope everything is done by the end of the summer.
recording sessions are advancing well, six tracks are being recorded. these are: meskaline, the funkiest girl, everyday (is a different day), aurora, nowhere and drive the nite. they are expected to be released on late june.
sugarmate will be playing live at mylos' xylourgeio on march 17th 2005.
also, a new recording proccess is on at the time, some new tracks will be recorded as promo and/or single release.
the live show at 'mikro mousiko theatro' in athens on dec. 4 2004 was quite a hit. from the band's point-of-view it was somewhat icky: there was very little time for setting up and soundcheck, and that caused both the shortening of the playlist and the little problems in the sound quality. from the viewer's point-of-view, however, it was a whole different thing. there was a very positive vibe (and a mild astonishment, if i may say so) towards the band's music and that built a certain warm atmosphere on the event; one that's not very common in such gigs today, from my little experience. i really considered this and appreciated the whole thing only the next day, when everything was more clear in my head. i really do think it was one bizarre gig but surely one of my personal favourites. (johnny's personal thoughts)
after a short/long summer and a long/short vacation, sugarmate are back! the fall / winter live gig schedule is being planned and most probably will include both athens and thessaloniki. the live gigs will present all the new material plus some well-known stuff from the past. there are also some rumors (?) for a video-clip(?!?) - but don't tell anyone!
after some quite long time of absence, sugarmate are back! there was some underground activity, though, and despite johnny's absence for some navy obligations, all was not lost... some new material was being developed and an early, warm-up live appearance at mylos was held on 15th of january 2004 to prepare things to come with johnny's final return in late spring.
the sugarmate promo cd is now completed (at last!), save some artwork which is being processed at the time and completed by next week. it contains ten new songs (and one more which should be released at some point but not now). you can find a side mix of 'the funkiest girl' online (audio section) but more will be coming soon...
sugarmate will be playing live on january 2003 at malt & jazz. the dates are not announced yet but we will make sure you find out, as soon as we get them!
haris markoglou is officially the 5th member of sugarmate as he appeared live with the band at the 'mylos' live performance (19/12/2002) on guitar.
chrys (representing sugarmate) had a phone interview on the air, on FM95.8 around midnight with mr. simantiras. the recorded interview will soon be online for your ears' pleasure!
sugarmate will be playing live on december 19th 2002 at mylos. make sure you catch them live! (more on 'live performances' section).
sugarmate radio interview is online (check 'about us - audio' section). you will be needing RealPlayer to listen to it ( soon in other formats too.
some health problems have delayed the release of the sugarmate promo cd, which seems it will be ready after next week. patience!
sugarmate were interviewed on FM101 (thessaloniki) about their past, present and future. and about their forthcoming live at 11/10/2002 at mesogeios. and about everything! the interview was recorded (thanks sophia!) and will be online very soon.
sugarmate will be playing live on october 11th at mesogeios (downstage).
promo cd to be officially released shortly afterwards.
sugarmate recording sessions are near completion! estimated release date is mid-september.
sugarmate begin live performances planning.
sugarmate begin recording their promo cd at their studio. photos
sugarmate schedule live performance at mesogeios live-bar.
recording sessions for promo cd to be held immediately after the gig.
sugarmate play live at mousourgeio. more on the sugarmate live section.
sugarmate play live at neapoli. more on the sugarmate live section.
sugarmate schedule live performance at mousourgeio.
sugarmate are officially born and registered ( ). sugarmate schedule live performance at neapoli open theater.
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